358 Hoosier

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Wayne’s personal favorite, the 358 Hoosier was developed to satisfy the Indiana Deer Legal Cartridge limitations after¬†Indiana adopted the 1.8″ case length. The cartridge is based on the 358 Winchester case with the shoulder pushed back and the neck slightly shortened.

This round is ideally suited for a custom bolt gun or the Thompson Center Encore platform. Bolt guns can be made from nearly any short action rifle with a .473″ bolt face. Encore barrels can be purchased direct through MGM¬†or if a customer request we can manage the selection of an Encore barrel for you.

The 358 Hoosier case can be formed from 358 Winchester or 308 Winchester cases and is capable of pushing 180 grain bullets at over 2500 fps from a well made rifle. There are several bullet options, and the ability to form these cases from 308 Winchester cases makes for a versatile wildcat that is not likely to become obsolete anytime soon.